Innovation Strategy Business Suite

identify opportunities, navigate challenges, and co-create actionable strategies to achieve its innovation goals and propel the organization forward.

Innovation Strategy Business Suite

Innovation Strategy workshops are a series of collaborative and structured sessions designed to help organizations develop a clear and actionable and customized plan for driving innovation and achieving strategic objectives.These workshops typically involve key stakeholders from across the organization coming together.  By bringing together those key stakeholders, fostering creativity and collaboration, and providing a roadmap for success, these workshops can help organizations unlock new opportunities, drive growth, and stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.


We offer top-notch services based on countless years of experience.

ISW1. Innovation Assessment Consultancy

1-2 Days Innovation Assessment Consultancy provides a comprehensive suite of services aimed at helping organizations assess, enhance, and optimize their innovation efforts to drive growth, competitiveness, and success in today's dynamic business environment.

we work hand in hand to Understand goals, challenges, and specific requirements for the innovation assessment. In sequence we gather relevant data through various methods such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and document reviews. Evaluate the organization's innovation capabilities, processes, and culture, and Prepare a detailed proposal of the intent and focus areas for the Innovation Strategy Workshop.

ISW2. Innovation Strategy Workshop

3-5 days Experiential Workshop to developing a tailored innovation strategy that aligns with your organization's objectives and aspirations. Designed to engage key stakeholders and foster creative thinking, this workshop aims to unlock the full potential of your organization and drive sustainable growth in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

workshop outlines outlines:
Understand external and internal factors that impact innovation within the organization.
Define the Organization’s Pain areas and Motivators in scope of the Innovation Strategy
Evaluate the organization's innovation capabilities, processes, and culture
Distill and prioritize ideas as input to the subsequent Design Thinking Discovery workshops
Outline a strategic roadmap for the strategic roadmap and plan the next steps to guide a  successful innovation execution.

ISW3. Design Thinking Discovery Workshop

3-5 Days experiential workshop, where the empowered team will leverage design thinking approach & principles to gain a comprehensive and shared understanding of user insights, define problems, seize opportunities and generate innovative solutions.

Define and clarify the core problem or challenge that needs to be addressed
Gain a deep understanding of the users' needs, behaviors, and preferences
Learn how to generate  & develop innovative strategies, services and concepts
Distill and prioritize ideas to form & guide subsequent phases
Outline a strategic roadmap for the project and plan the next steps to guide successful project execution.


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